Gin Tasting

Thanks to Tiffany for taking some great notes at the gin tasting evening.  Sadly I was unable to attend at the last minute so I'm afraid I don't have anything to add nor any photos other than these I have downloaded.

1) William Chase, 40% (£26.99) - A Straight Cider gin from Hereford.  It has a citrus scent with a hint of floral & berry and has a sweetness.

2) Anno, 43% (£34.95) - A Straight Gin from Marden, Kent.  It is heavy on citrus and has Kentish botanicals, samphire being one of the main ones along with hops, lavender & elderflower among others).

3) Gordon Castle, 43% (£36.99) - A sipping Gin from Scotland (nothing to do with Gordon's Gin!).  It has heather & citrus as well as juniper, orange, berry & anise.


4) Voortrekker, 40% (£29.99) - A sipping Gin from Holland.  This one is macerated in oranges which gives it it's orange colour.  Great with tonic!

5) Anno Sloe Gin, 43% (£34.95) - This liquor begins as Anno premium gin (60%).  Anno Sloe Gin is beautifully balanced, deep and rich, with a distinctive almond nose and a big berry burst of flavour.  This can be lovely mixed with Prosecco.

Thank you to Charles from Noble Wines for all his expertise - if you'd like your own bottle of any of the gins we tried (or one of the other 55 he stocks!), he is offering WI Uckfield Belles 10% off until the end of April.  I know I'm heading down to grab a Voortrekker and some Fever Tree for the sunny spring evenings!

From what I heard, the Voortrekker and Sloe Gins were the most popular, which was your favourite?